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Escape for a moment - close your eyes and find yourself in Italy.

Yes - Italy - the food, the wine, the fun!

A gondola ride sets the mood. 



Straight Edge: Complimentary

Deckled Edge: $12  



Love getting creative? - me too! 


Commissions start at $200 - feel free to inquire ❤️


LOVE THE FRAME also featured on 

My framer is amazing and can be found on Etsy.

To complete the look, go to Modern Wall Framing Co. and ask for the following: 


~ Frame: Decorative Cork Picture Frame
~ Matting: 1" Color: Lawn (9896) 

~ *Floating matte for deckled edge

~ *Cut matte for straight edge
~ Archival Matting Tape


Customize as you please; they have plenty of options and let them know which edge you chose. 


Mention that EmyXO sent you!

Gondola Ride

  • 8"x14"

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